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How do I get my chick to sleep alone?

My chick is around a week old and found its wings, so it keeps trying to fly out of the brooder. I tried putting wood panels over top but leaving a little space near the bulb for air I think it might be too hot. It’s fine when my hands in the box but will only really sleep with me, obviously I’m awake while it naps on me. How do I get it to sleep in the box and stop trying to escape?

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    How warm is it in the brooder? You do need to be monitoring the temperature and making sure it's not too hot. At 1 week old, it should be around 95 F. Starting at two weeks of age, you'll reduce the temperature 5 degrees 5 for each week of age. You also really need more than one chick. Chickens are extremely social and shouldn't be kept alone. Three or more are recommended.

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    Attach a large square of chicken wire on top of the brooder. That way, the chick can't fly out but it also provides the same amount of airflow and heat as it would otherwise. I recommend that you buy a laser thermometer to regularly check the temperature of the chick and the brooder. That way, you can adjust the placement of the heat lamp as necessary to ensure that the chick is at the right temperature. My brother bought chicks a couple months ago and he experienced the same issue. The laser thermometer was very helpful. The chicken wire on top worked too, and the chicks eventually learned that they couldn't fly out so they stopped trying.

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