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Do construction managers know what their schedule is a week in advance?

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    Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. It is like any job where lots of  things can screw up your plans.  In the case of a construction manager it can be anything from the weather, lack of drawings, labor problems, permit problems, meetings with clients, meetings with others...........

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    Schedule generally is prepare a few months or even year ago, but keeping on change accordingly.

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    barring the cashier/teller at a bank,

    none can ever have a fixed schedule.

    it is like train time table,- it helps you to know when

    the train is running late, and not to make trains run on time.

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    I worked as an engineer, not a construction manager, at a construction site for 5  years (huge project).  If by schedule, you mean when you arrive at the site and when you go home, there may have been a few weeks where that happened.  But if you are asking about meetings, assignments trips into the field, etc.  I can honestly say there was not a week where that would be true.  But that was why I had a job, to handle those problems that popped up unexpectedly.  As an older manager told me once, "If this was easy, I wouldn't need you."  The same applies to construction mangers.

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