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Identifies the actions the student might take, including consultation and with whom, to mitigate, temper or placate the situation. ?

He initiated therapy because his male partner, Jim, recently tested HIV positive and Ruben is anxious about his own health. Ruben and Jim have had a sexual relationship for six months though Ruben does not consider himself gay because he is ‘masculino’ and when he does have sex with other men, he is the ‘active’ or penetrating partner. Ruben is also married to Elena. They have two children, ages 2 and 5. Ruben and Elena came to the US from Mexico and have been legal residents for seven years. Ruben has been struggling with his feelings for Jim and Elena. He clearly cares for his family, enjoys being a father and speaks openly about the stress of keeping his relationship with Jim a secret. He refuses to tell Elena because the news would hurt her and bring shame to himself and his family. He also fears that if Elena found out, she would find ways to keep the children from him and tell his parents, who would be deeply disappointed. Ruben states that it was too difficult to resist and admitted that he had unprotected sex with Elena twice. He hopes that he ‘got lucky’ and didn’t infect her. He doubts that he can stop having unprotected sex with her but refuses to tell her he is HIV positive. Ruben refuses to seek medical care because he ‘feels fine’ and doesn’t want a doctor to tell Elena his HIV status. He signed limits of confidentiality statement when he entered treatment and he is currently committed to working on his issues in therapy.

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