Your partner Dad passed away how would you react ?

Something happened to me in my relationship that I can't get over. My father died and I told my girlfriend on messenger she didnt even bother to call me she said she is so sorry and then didnt message me for the rest of the night. Btw it was like 10:30

She left mealone the whole night. The next day she said she fell asleep? 

Wtf who falls asleep when their boyfriend or girlfriend just told them their dad has died?! How can someone concuisness be so clear to sleep after hearing such news?

Am I right to still be mad at her

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Many people would assume that the family would close ranks for a day or two upon their Father's Death and that inserting oneself into the ranks when you aren't "family" would be rude and assumptive. She likely went out of her way to make sure she wasn't making it about her and give you time to grieve with people who knew and loved your Dad. 

  • Alpha
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    3 weeks ago

    You are a hypocrite. YOU didn't call her, but sent a message to tell her the news. What is she suppose to do? You obviously didn't bother to call her, and instead sent an impersonal message, so why do you expect her to do more than what you were willing to do? She's not your mommy. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    she doesnt care about you then. confront her about it and if she still doesnt seem to care break up with her.

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