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Did I piss him off?!?

I was talking to my first love and we’ve been flirting and vining a little bit. Yesterday I started talking abt how I liked older men because I told him this older man at my job was complimenting me and he was like “that could seem kinda sketch tho” “make sure you stay away from him” I didn’t like the older man btw. Anyways I asked him who his celeb crushes are and told him mines were Adam Sandler and Tom cruise and he was like “Adam Sandler 🤮 rlly? Wtf” and I was kinda like Okk all that was kinda unnecessary. Then he told me his and at first was hesitant and I lowkey judged him back for his 😂

Then I told him I thought Anthony Bourdain and eminem were hot and he was like “you have weird taste lmao” 

And then I answered back and now he hasn’t opened my text for 6 hours! He hasn’t been taking that long recently. I’ve been on delivered before for a long time with him but 6 hours!? Did I piss him off?!

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    Wow is this lame. We have no idea if you pissed him off or not. We don't know him, remember?

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