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Pandemic unemployment ?

A friend of mine has a job, he works about 40 hours or more a week but constantly calls out for what ever reason. He applied for pandemic unemployment and got back ten thousand freaking dollars. I can’t believe it. I feel like it’s going to come back to bite him in the ***. Can he get this money legally or will he be owing the IRS soon ?

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    One assumes that if anyone bothers to do a forensic audit on all this money floating around that more than just a few would be in big trouble. It's said that any given thing can be 1) fast, 2) cheap, or 3) good - pick two. The rushed rollout of all these programs wasn't managed incredibly well. 

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    No he didn't, that isn't how unemployment works.  

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    If he has falsely filed a claim and it's working and not reporting it they're going to catch up with him and he'll end up having to pay it back if he was out of work during the months that he can get the pua then he gets $600 a week for every week that he claims but again you better not be working without reporting it because they'll catch on to you at the end of the year when they take a look at your social security taxes and see that you were working

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