How to get into admin with no prior experience?

I am looking to move careers. I'm 26 and worked in restaurants, hotels, pubs and holiday parks. I'm currently at a pub and I really don't want to work behind a bar anymore between dealing with drunk idiots to working unsociable hours. I want an office job, set hours, set days off so I can actually sort my body clock out. I've been looking at administrative work.

Any time I have looked at an advertisement for this kind of job, they always seem to want someone with prior admin experience. But how do I get the experience in the first place? I've applied for jobs regardless, since some only say preferred experience and not essential, but I never get any further than that. 

I've written cover letters saying I'm a fast learner, really motivated and interested in a career change and would love to work for their company. This has ranged from applying at the hospital (big number of applicants) to small businesses (more of a chance to get a reply) but still nothing. 

I've also been looking at jobs in advertising as that's always interested me, but having the same problem. I don't know whether there's something I need to be doing in particular to set myself apart? Also what other kind of office jobs are there that I could apply for as admin is the only one I could really think of having never worked in that kind of environment. 

Thank you! 

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    i would just go to school for it

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