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Unable to move on with my life?

So why is it that I know the answer to all of it but unable to act and do it? It's as if I am preaching the right things and answer but not living it.

I Turn 25 in June but still living with my parents and I am the youngest and my 2 other brother is still living with my parents. I know I'm not the only problem but I don't want to follow my brother's footsteps. I feel like a complete Failure and I just need something to knock me off my chair as I type this and get back to reality. I lost my job in April and I was doing good. My business was going great until I got a little depressed and losing my Sleep schedule, then the Covid-19 hit and I stopped going to work, which I regret now but then I couldn't force myself. My business consist of driving so I couldn't take my chances of being tired. Any ways ever since then I've been suppressing my depression by watching anime and playing games and going to sleep whenever I want. My Parents are not OK with this. On top of that I am gaining weight and not taking care of my health and what I eat. I am unwilling to get therapy, what should I do? I sort of know the answer but I want another view point. 

I should get a job, Work on my health and move out? Seems easy to say, but as I sit here and type this I know I am not willing to find a Job tomorrow . . . what should I do?


I also believe this, I don't want to put blame, because my parents let me do this thing that I do, I feel like I am comfortable and not willing to move on, But I want too, but I don't want too. This isn't the first time. About 2 years ago the same thing happen and I got a job, I just don't want to repeat and live a life working at a Job I don't like . . .

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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    You know what to do, why do you need a bunch of strangers to affirm that...? You need to get help for your depression, that might start with getting to the doctor to talk about the changes in your mood and behaviors recently and get on medication to start easing some of the symptoms you are having. That doesn't mean you'll need meds forever, but it's okay to have a boost when you are getting yourself moving again, you know? If you aren't willing to engage in therapy, fine, you don't have to, but you also owe it to yourself to not just do nothing. You're worth more than that and you know it, it is so easy to give in to a depressive episode I get it, I really do. But distracting yourself with video games and sleeping the other half of the day isn't serving you. If nothing else, start small, don't worry about taking anything away from what you are doing... you don't have to stop your eating, sleeping, or gaming habits... but add something. Make it part of your routine to get up and go for a walk everyday, start there. 

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