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Are Poland and Russia good Christian nations? ?

They still resist open LGBTism.

LGBT is legal and people can practice homosexuality. No issues.

But public pride parades , media propaganda especially the ones targeting children are still banned. 

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    Well let's see

    Both countries are democracies by very much stretching the word. They have historically kicked the sh*t out of minorities of all sorts there and continue to this day. As you pointed out they are homophobic. They are also racist anti-Semitic anti-islamic. Corruptions rules both with cronyism over confidence leading to position. They built pretty impressive war machines given their economic strength. The population of both is superstitious.

    So yes I would call them Christian nations. Bigotry, corruption, and murder are not bugs in that cult they are features.

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    Yes, they are both superior to countries of the EU.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Putin has claimed multiple times to be a "naturalistic atheist".

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