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Were some of the slaves brought to the Americas Christian? ?

I'm reading that almost forty percent of the slaves that came to North America in particular, came from the areas around Angola and the Congo, these areas were the homes of atleast one historical Christian kingdom that I know of, the Kingdom of Kongo. Is it possible that a slave taken from these areas were already Christian before bondage? 

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    Enslaved Africans transported to the New World beginning in the fifteenth century brought with them a wide range of local religious beliefs and practices. This diversity reflected the many cultures and linguistic groups from which they had come. The majority came from the West Coast of Africa, but even within this area religious traditions varied greatly. Islam had also exerted a powerful presence in Africa for several centuries before the start of the slave trade: an estimated twenty percent of enslaved people were practicing Muslims, and some retained elements of their practices and beliefs well into the nineteenth century. Catholicism had even established a presence in areas of Africa by the sixteenth century. So it's possible but not probable.

    The slaves were forced to accept new culture. They were given bibles and many learned English that way. They developed the spiritual works songs sung in the field. This led to Gospel music, Jazz, Rock n Roll etc.

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    It was mostly as they came into this new way of life and real christians knew it was wrong and brought them into the church hoping to ease  their suffering and praying for deliverence the Christians eventually got slavery banned , it was a big thing to have a god to ease the pain and their life and music also food for  the soul was very big , 

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