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In a world map, northern countries look bigger due to Mercator projection. Do northern states of USA also look bigger than they really are?


When I say "northern countries", I mean "countries farther from equator, northern and southern"

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    Most flat maps are a compromise of some type.  Area vs real distances as an example.   If you consider that the lines of latitude are widest at the equator and all come together at the north pole you can see that the shapes of the states are distorted.  ALL of them are bigger at the top on the map than they really are.  

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    "northern countries look bigger due to Mercator projection"

    No, countries farther from the equator look bigger

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    No, not so much because they are closer to equator. Yes there is some distortion

    If you use a map with a polar projection with the geographic north pole at the center, the extreme distortion is at the equator. 

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    Um, yes they do.

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