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I capped 2 sprinklers at the apartment complex where I live, did it mess up the sprinkler system?

At the apartment complex where I live there were two sprinkler heads inside of some bushes and it kept flooding out. They wouldn't fix it, or didn't know how to fix it, or whatever. So I capped them. These are not sprinkler heads that are in the lawn. They are in the bushes. I water the bushes with a hose now. But now the sprinkler heads behind my building in the lawn aren't working. There is water coming out of them, but it just kind of oozes out. Could this possibly have anything to do with the two sprinkler heads that I capped? I am going to apply some common sense, and say NO. How could me capping two sprinkler heads cause other sprinklers in the system to stop working? If anything, you'd think it would add to the water pressure, not take away from it.

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    Nope you only added pressure to the other sprinklers .Next time Don't cap There is a small screw in most sprinklers That to control the spary pressure So next time just turn that lil screw down all the way This way it looks normal and like it was not tampered with But overall you've done no.harm to the pipes or the system in general the only thing that's going suffer is what's not getting any water but the sprinklers themselves  no harm will come to them Not from capping a few  sprinklers anyway Your good don't  trip 

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