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How does the brain connect to the soul and how does free will manifest? What about psychiatric pills?

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    Our spirits are pretty much contiguous with our physical selves.  Body and spirit together constitute the living soul.

    If evil spirits can wrest control of our nervous systems, obviously our own spirits are capable of controlling our nervous systems, too.  I don't know what the means of communication is, though.

    God has to let us do good so he can bless and reward us.  He can't do it arbitrarily -- that wouldn't be fair, and of course he is powerless to stop the inexorable workings of eternal laws.  He has to let us do good.

    The problem is that the ability to do good is also the ability to do evil.  God can't separate the two, at least not while he wants us to grow.  If he stopped evil, he wold also stop good, and adios to our ability to learn and progress.  He has to let us do evil if that is what we insist on doing.  He owes us a space of time in which to repent and do good, and anyway we would all be very sorry indeed if punishment were immediate or proactive.

    Psychiatric medicines have nothing to do with free will.  Most of us, even with mental health issues, still choose what we do.

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    Free will to pick if you want to live with Jesus Christ for ever or not

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    Psychotropic drugs can act on the brain and central nervous system by changing the way that chemicals in the brain (called "neurotransmitters") send messages between brain cells through a synapse or crossing.--info from the web. They are not a cure, as their effects can only last so long. They also may create a psychological dependence. Triggering positive hormonal reactions may overcome the hormones that support undesired feelings from being reinforced. Under certain drugs, a person still has free-will, but certain kinds of drugs are powerful enough to overcome a person entirely. When a person is having withdrawal symptoms and choose to do things like steal, they are making a conscious decision to do so, though the temptation for them may be greater. Whoever decides to operate machinery while under the influence of a mind-altering substance, or a substance that impairs their hand-and-eye coordination, they are still responsible for their choices. Even if they "accidentally" kill another person, it was because of their choices to (A) use the substance (B) drive a vehicle while on the substance -- that resulted in the death of a person, even if it was not cold-blooded or premeditated murder

    There are articles online about freewill, as it relates to addiction...etc..

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    This is one of the reasons why I lost my faith. It happens that you may change your views, even religions because you grow up. It may happen partly because you gain knowledge about the world, partly because you practice your views and sow their falseness. However, it may also happen because the chemistry of your brain changes - you become less impressionable. Maybe this is because your brain gets older and those abnormalities occur. 

    But, it may be that this phenomenon developed evolutionary: to promote survival of the tribe for young people it is better to obey, while for most older people it is better to understand to identify a fiction that needed to control others.

    It was made up also to give relief of grief when someone dies. Older men are not so emotional - they need to be severe to be able to make decisions even in the time of sorrow.

    One more thing. If you have a medical depression and happen to be a Charismatic Christian, they will tell you that there's something wrong with your faith. Because your spirit should joy and happy in love of God. 

    If you don't feel that joy - it is your sinful choice. Shame on you. 

    They don't know that you just lack serotonin. 

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    Its really not that complicated. Our physical brains allow us to produce and store voluminous non-physical data, and to access and function by it. The content of our brains then, our thoughts, feelings, personalities, all facts we've learned and stored define who "we" are as individuals. Our spirits have the ability to collect and store all this data spiritually so that "we" can survive the physical deaths of our physical bodies. God then puts our spirits or "us" into new bodies for judgment purposes.

    Say you create an android and install a chip with intelligence, learning and storage capacities. Like humans he learns and stores all his knowledge and benefits from it. After say 25 years, his body experiences catastrophic failure, but his chip remains intact. So you remove the chip from the damaged body and install it in a new body. Same android, right?

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    There is no branch of science studying the soul...because there is nothing to study..and as for free will, it is very limited...such as which brand of car to buy..everything else is controlled by our innate instincts and there's no escaping that..we behave like apes because we ARE apes...

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    Soul is how the eyes see, hear and understand.

    The eye scans the brain like a hard drive on a computer (Super fetch cache memory for supplanted images which are hooked in an unseen way like a dog with emotions) - The mind being the false carriage of it all. 

    The fraudulent psychiatric nurse is also in the same danger prescribing sight a low prams (Citalopram) for a possessed soul taking a profligates cash in a neurotic environment. 

    A bit like Fen Bend Us All (Fenbendazole)


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    The paradigm of indifferent subscription is to be played by sin.

    The reaper the sower

    Un'For'Tuna'Telly camera's have mirrors in them.

    EYE SIS - Are guided by Sandworms. Acanthus is a Greek Myth town - Acanthamoeba - Acantho is a Spike or horn. Acanthocytes (Sights) and Schistocytes Via Candidiasis (Can Did Eye Sis) - Your correct, thoughts - And Schiztosoma via the inverted soul Paul. To ensure the murdered are so.

    Instead of healing them, they prefer to send them down the mental line and admit them to the Dam'Son's Hospital suite by forcing people down bus routes using secret camera's using Bog'Us names.

    Elisha does not see the Pre'Quils to the next several inter'lewd'ing Epi'sods.

    For this reason the world was placed in as a pretext for it to be acquired.

    And in doing so you are already written.

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    Thinking comes naturally to atheists.  You should try it someday. 

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Once you realize no souls exist it makes sense.

  • Brian
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    4 weeks ago

    My Brain is in my head.  My soles are on the bottom of my footware.  Unless I am wearing them, they do not connect.

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