Quitting job after 2 weeks?

So I was recently looking a for a job, and I applied for a few jobs and was hired right away by a place as a caregiver. At that time I could not be picky because I was in a tough spot and I needed a job. After hours of my hard work throughout these two weeks, (going onto my third), I just got a call from my (number one choice) job, an ER Scribe. The reason is that I am a pre-med and I think being a scribe is more beneficial than the caregiver. So, how should I break the news to my manager? Will she be upset? Will I leave with a bad note? I am just scared to tell her because I don't know how to. Any advice?

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    4 weeks ago
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    First get your new job.

    Then just call or face to face tell the manager you Quit.

    In an "At Will" state neither you nor the employer are required to have a reason or unless contracted required to .

    The two weeks notice is passe.  Otherwise it is a bond between empolyee & employer depending on situation.

    If you give notice it is rarely appreciated. Most employers  will "fire" a quitting employee and kick them off campus to prevent sabotage, theft, or slacking.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Just be sure to offer 2 week notice.

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