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Is a false positive of Chlamydia possible? Need help ?

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about a year and been sexually active for 4 months. Recently, after getting an IUD inserted, the doctor called me to tell me that I have Chlamydia. However, I only been with one guy which is my boyfriend. Also, my boyfriend only been with me. We have been each other’s first for all sexual acts. The gynecologist did a swab during the insertion of the IUD a week ago. I didn’t even know she did it until this morning when she called me to tell me to come to the clinic to get treatment cause I have chlamydia. Can it be a false positive? My boyfriend lives on a military base and he gets black out drunk with a bunch of guys during the weekends. He told me he never did anything with anyone and that he would never cheat on me. To add, we always use condoms. I did the urine test to see if that would come out positive. I will take the antibiotics today to make sure since I have an IUD. 


I feel so bad for accusing my boyfriend. My retest results came out today and it came out negative. I was on the phone with the gynecologist and apparently it was an error. I never been so annoyed since it caused problems with my boyfriend and I. Also, I took the pills for no reasons. Like, what the heck. I don’t have chlamydia so that’s good cause it means my boyfriend didn’t cheat :) 

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    Something needs to register with you...if he gets 'blackout drunk' with his buddies during weekend outings, girl you have something to worry about.  He isn't going to be real here or even remember what he's doing while that drunk.  Since you say you've never tested positive nor had any reason to test before, this is on HIM.  Sweetie, please stop being so naive.  IUD's do not give you Chlamydia, only sleeping around with the wrong people can do this.  It is a good thing you've been tested, now you know something is up.  Do not take his words at face value anymore, men lie (even grown men)  who think they can get away with both being in a 'committed' relationship while still running around having 'meaningless' sex with rando's when you aren't around.  You cannot know exactly how he acts with his friends if you aren't there.  No matter what, you need to gather your self respect first and confront him with this because Chlamydia is serious business that you now will be dealing with for the rest of your life. 

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    I this day and age, these tests look for nuclei acid, which is specific, so their sensitivity is very high.  You can have chlamydia for years and not know it, you should ask your gyn more when you get treated.

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    maybe something happened to him on one of them blackouts ?

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