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Urgent help required ?

Today I have a Zoom meeting with my manager and supervisor over mistakes I have made recently whilst working at home. My manager already mentioned that the mistakes made were very concerning and needed to be addressed. I am worried and not sure what to say when I meetup with her. I am struggling a bit from working from home because of cramped workspace and improper furniture. My grandma recently had a fight at carers home which really worried me as well. Also I am suffering from loneliness from all the time spent at home. What should I say to my manager so she won’t get angry as I feel like this meeting will most likely involve some disciplinary action. What are some points I could point forward in meeting in order to address my mistakes. I am feet worried now so any help would be great.

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    I'd start by telling your boss that you've been working through some personal issues related to your grandmother, and apologize for your mistakes. Keep that very brief. Then, talk about what you'll be doing differently -- I'm going to write myself a task list first thing in the morning, I'm going to review my work more carefully, if I'm not sure of something I will ask so-and-so for help; and it would help me a lot of if I could check in with you every few days. Assuming the meeting goes okay, spend a day making your workspace as nice as you can so it's a space you want to be in. That's important! 

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    You're not in high school anymore, your manager isn't your counsellor and she doesn't want to hear about your grandma or that you're lonely. It's time to act like an adult - listen to her criticism, if it's fair apologise and work with her to improve your performance. If it's unfair, say so but be specific. Making excuses, or God forbid turning on the water works, will make you look pathetic and/or manipulative. You're paid to do a job to a certain standard and you didn't fulfill your obligation so you now need to grow up and accept constructive criticism. Your lack of focus may have far reaching consequences for your employers so the least you can do is own your mistakes, not make excuses and show some remorse otherwise you could easily be out of a job. 

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    Don't Worry just be calm, proffessional, and polite. Explain everything your manager brings up and if you did something Wrong just apologize and say it Wont happen again. Dont mention your family or the fact that you feel lonely as people in the corporate World don't care. Hope this helps = D

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