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Who wants to save John Wayne’s legacy?

John Wayne is an icon. He is Mr. America. John Wayne ate Punks for breakfast. Wayne spoke the truth in 1971. Wayne and Ronnie Reagan were great Actors. Wayne made Hollywood what it is. Americans have a special place in their memory and heart for the “Duke.” Strong, tough, Republican, Patriotic. 

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    The man made great movies. You can't deny that.  Whatever  his opinions were, the guy was an actor first and foremost. It's easy to try to destroy his reputation when he's dead and can't defend himself. Let his work in entertainment stand as it is. Excellent. 

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    He never served though. 

  • Ludwig
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    He may be an American Icon, but that does not forgive what he did.  Dressing up as a clown and murdering small children is deplorable behaviour no matter what your nationality.

  • gerald
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    3 weeks ago

    He promoted the American dream tough fair and honest so mock him you mock yourselves and obviously you do he is you on film 

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    No one. He was an actor and nothing more. WGAS. 

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    He was certainly pretty thick.

    In George Stevens’ epic film The Greatest Story Ever Told, where Wayne played the part of the Roman centurion at the cross, he delivered the line, “Truly, this man was the Son of God” in a complete flat voice. The director shouted to Wayne, “Say it with awe, John. Say it with awe.” The cameras started to roll again and John Wayne cried out, “Aw, truly this man was the Son of God.” 

    Reagan was never that good either. My mother, who was an avid cinema goer and film buff during his acting years, dismissed him as only a B film actor.

  • Anonymous
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    His legacy is some pretty corny and forgettable westerns, he was no Clint Eastwood or even Lee van Cleef. 

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    Wayne was just an actor a grown man playing dress up and make believe like an over grown toddler

    Also why didn't he serve in ww2? 

    Also called marion like a girly. 

    Also massive racist 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Wasn't he a 'racist' too ?

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    I would rather enjoy Wayne's efforts on the screen.  Everyone who knew him said he was a real jerk.  He was another Chickenhawk, a fake patriot who highly touted wars but refused to serve in them himself when he could make a lot more money in Hollywood.

    Did you ever see the film 'The Longest Day'?  It was all about D-Day, made mostly by actors who'd participated in that event.  John Wayne was in it and everyone thought he was a jerk.  He had in his contract that his name couldn't be listed in the credits with the other actors, he had to have a special line 'Starring:  JOHN WAYNE'.  Usually this line was at the beginning of the credits, but Wayne pi**ed off so many people in the production that they ended up putting him at the end.  All the other major players are listed, and at the bottom it says 'And John Wayne'.

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