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How long does it take wisdom tooth extractions to heal?

I had 3 on Wednesday. I didn’t get sedated. 2 were on the top and fully formed and were pulled out easily. Haven’t had a problem with them at all. A third one was only halfway formed and on the bottom, so it had to be cut out. It was very, very painful. I took the 6 narcotic pain pills that I was given.

I consumed liquified foods such as soup, milkshakes, pudding, and yogurt for 3 days. 

On Saturday, I put my carrots, broccoli, and apples in a blender. My oranges and turkey-and-mozzarella and tuna sandwiches were ate unchopped. I went to a bar and ate fries.

Yesterday, I didn’t chop my food up (same diet).

I’ve been taking prescription strength ibuprofen this whole time (when I haven’t been drinking).

Today, I woke up to hot oatmeal and cold brewed coffee. My stomach was upset. I had my turkey-and-mozzarella sandwich, my cut-out-tooth-socket started throbbing more than usual. After eating my apples, I started tasting blood which I hadn’t tasted since Wednesday. I’m feeling a moderate amount of pain now.

I decided to go back to soup, yogurt, pudding and milkshakes for the next couple of days.

My question is... how long is this going to last?

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