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No period on birth control?

I have been on birth control for 7 months and always get my period during the placebo week. This month I did not get my period during placebo week. Yes I have been sexually active? Should I be concerned? I have also missed days and have not been the best with BC this month. Took a pregnancy test one day after missed period and came back negative. Is there a chance I still might be 

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  • Lili
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    Happened to me several times when I was on the pill. I found it very disconcerting, because I never knew from month to month whether the pill wasn't working. (It doesn't in some women.)  I kept having to take pregnancy tests just to be sure.

    It's the main reason I stopped using the pill.

    It's highly unlikely you are pregnant if you've been using birth control correctly, but as I said, I found the missing periods quite disturbing, so I gave up on the pill and switched to an IUD -- a non-hormonal IUD.

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    Missing days makes it possible, but not getting a withdrawal bleed is common on birth control. 

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