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If I initially ignored you, how would you feel if I did this? ?

So there's this guy who tried to talk to me on the train and at work sometimes. And I got extremely nervous and shy (I suffer from social anxiety) and completely ignored him. (The last time I saw him was this time last year on the train when I ignored him).

I work at a university and figured mustve been a student there (don't worry its a uni for mature adults not 19 year olds lol). So I managed to find his name, search him on the system and then also found his Instagram. Should I message him? What will I say? What if he asks how did i get his info? As a guy, what would you think if a girl who ignored you mutilple times, went out of her way to msg you like this? 

Some context: after the train incident, I realised that actually this guy has been trying to talk to me for the last 4 years or so at different events etc but never just said "hi". I was going through my own problems like anxiety and depression so didn't even notice until recently that he's been trying for a long time. It's not even a case where I can just bump into him at work again (bloody covid). 

Should I message him? Yes or No? 

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    Are you single? Do you like him? If you answer No to any of the question, then do not message him.

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