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WiFi privacy warning on iPhone?

My home Wi-Fi that I’ve been using for about 10 months just stopped working out of nowhere. In the Wi-Fi settings on my iPhone it’s showing “Privacy Warning”. I have a Netgear modem/router and my provider is Xfinity. Have no idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?


Update. I did update my iPhone to the iOS 14 beta. But regardless, the same thing shows up on my iPad and Mac which haven't downloaded the new betas. I can connect to the Wi-Fi on all my devices (being an open connection I guess) but no google searches or websites load. How can I setup a password again?

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    You need to access the configuration utility on the Netgear router and configure the Wi-Fi security settings - usually found with the Wi-Fi settings.

    Typically with a Netgear router if you put in your browser you can access the configuration utility. The username is admin and the default password is "password", if you changed the password you need to reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure it again.  There should be a very small reset button somewhere on the router that you need to hold down to reset the router.  Go to the Netgear website and find the user guide for your specific router to get the exact steps.  

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    Usually a privacy warning means the wifi is set up with no password, an open wifi. It does not mean you can't use it, just that it is a warning that anyone else can connect to that wifi and capture the traffic...

    This warning can be because:

    1) Your iPhone has updated something, and the warning is a new check of your wifi and warning you it is open.

    2) Your router wifi password has been reset or the wifi had the password cleared

    3) Your router itself may have been reset/hacked and the wifi defaulted to an factory default "open" wifi.

    4) You are connecting to some one else's wifi, one that is open.

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