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I need some advice in regards to my 3 year old son?

I became sick 4 months after his birth to the point i needed to be hospitalised It was in agreement that he would stay with his grandmother till I was well. Me and his father where separated prior decided to get back together. After 3 months in hospital My son came home his father got abusive not violent at start verbal and emotional. After he beat me i got him removed by the police I sough a lawyer and got a non molestation order. Time passed I got into a new relationship became pregnant again. My mother passed away and he showed up at the wake. I confronted my ex so there wouldnt be a scene. He got angry at me blamed me for his faults and how he couldnt see our son. He ended up assaulting me, right there at the church, I had to go to hospital and i was in icu and lost my unborn child. My son went back into the care of his grandmother. Due to trauma i lost my memory and had to go to a specialist hospital in England (i live in NI) I went back to a state of a child. It took 8 months for my memory to come back. The granny got a residency order. I have had to go to court to get contact. She has made things extremely difficult for me to see my son (she blames me for her son being inside also she is scared of losing her grandson) she has made accusations said im not fit to be unsupervised due to my memory and physical health . What can I do to get my Son home with me, my solicitor says its going to take time.I havnt seen or had contact my son since lockdown she wont allow it.

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    Possibly contact a independent social worker... Or find a solicitor that specialises in child care   

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