Got denied for a credit card.  Letter I received indicated incorrect credit score.  Why and how to correct?

I recently got denied after I applied for a credit card.  The decision letter stated I had an Equifax credit score of 654.  However, I monitor my credit through CreditKarma (Transunion and Equifax) and it tells me I have a score of 752.  Which is correct?

I do have a bad credit history from several years ago when I was unemployed and unable to make payments.  Over the past two years, though, I have worked to make everything right and improve my credit score.  I can understand the denial based on my history, but if the score they're basing the denial on is wrong, then possibly the history they're looking at is wrong?  I've reviewed everything in my credit history and everything seems to be correct, just can't understand why the two vastly different scores.


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  • 1 month ago

    There is no a "single" score.

    Every lender can use their own process.

    Credit Karma is know to have scores significantly disparant to other sources.

  • A
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    1 month ago

    Credit Karma provides Vantage scores which are not the same as FICO scores from the Big 3 agencies. Banks look at Fico scores

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