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Another design change here?? Why does Yahoo keep their 'development team' on payroll?

THE SITE IS ALREADY DEVELOPED, and has been since the GREEN version...

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    Most public sites go through changes over time. Adding/removing features, fixing glitches, updating to be compatible with various devices or browsers or plug-ins. It's not a static situation. Yahoo/Verizon doesn't explain to us, the users, why they do what they do. Clearly they are desirous of making changes to YA so continue to have people who are able to do that to YA or any other online area they own. If you don't care for the changes, the place to make that known is the feedback forum where someone working for Yahoo will see your post.

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    3 weeks ago

    There trying to Compete with there Competitors like Quora 

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    They keep them so the site continues to work, glitch or not. Look at all the questions currently on not being able to post pictures. That function was never part of the green version. There were other things not in the green version. So do you want to go back in functions on YA?

  • They do on the job training when they have nothing else to do.  They changed this format twice before and didn't like it so they tried a third time and had better success. They are getting paid either sitting around drinking coffee or working on the site.  Verizon Media wants them to work harder not smarter.

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    TO KEEP UP WITH THE COMPETITION from Quora. Reddit. Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is a Facebook product/service. 

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