How does it actually feel having Covid 19? Has anyone had it? Some say its just like the flu?

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    Around 45% of people who get it have no symptoms at all.

    Another 45% get a fever, bad cough and loss of taste.

    Around 8% get viral pneumonia which usually requires hospital treatment.

    The other 2% die.

    The proportions are similar to seasonal flu.  The difference is that covid-19 is considerably more infectious and as yet there is no cure or vaccine.  Without a cure or vaccine, the eventual US death toll will be around 800,000.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Depends on the person, for some there are no symptoms for other they end up on a ventilator.  There is a range between that some people just have a loss of taste/smell some people describe it as breathing at altitude.  Some its just like flu/cold.

    There is no 100% description of symptoms its different for different people.

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