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Why are USA self defense laws so lenient ?

Everyone knows the USA allows people to own guns, guns to shoot home intruders!!! I have also heard stories of Americans using Knives, fireplace pokers and broken glass to attack intruders!

I think it's ridiculous that you are allowed to take someones life, in response for them trying to steal your tv. Since when were material goods of equal value to someones life, criminal or otherwise?

I feel the USA has got out of hand with guns.

In LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE and SECULAR countries (Like European nations) this is illegal and homeowners have to follow the law.

Then again the USA is a country where CHRISTIAN cops shoot black men hundreds of times in a row over shoplifting. 

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    In most states of the USA self defense laws include "duty to retreat." That means seriously harming someone is self defense if and only if one has no alternative means of avoiding serious harm to oneself. If one can run away, can hide, can summon help, or otherwise avoid/evade being harmed then one is expected to do that rather than inflict serious harm. 

    I doubt that "save my TV" is the general reason an intruder is shot, is attacked and seriously injured. I think it's more probably that people are acting in fear of the absolutely ghastly things that have happened to victims of home invasions. General -- not every single time but most of the time. 

  • Because of all the pussy Republicans who are so scared of everybody and everything that they need free reign to kill people when they get scared. 

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