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What was the War of 1812 about?

and why did they pick that year?

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    The USA thought it could take Canada because the British were busy

    fighting the French. It did not work out very well.

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    The United States imposed a trade embargo, namely the Embargo Act of 1807, in retaliation for Britain's blockade of France, which involved the visit and search of neutral merchantmen, and resulted in the suppression of Franco-United States trade for the duration of the Napoleonic Wars. The Royal Navy also boarded American ships and impressed sailors suspected of being British deserters. Expansion into the Midwest (i.e. Ohio to Wisconsin) was hindered by Native American tribes given munitions and support by British agents. Indeed, Britain's goal was the creation of an independent Indian state to block expansion westward by the US.

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    Britain, and France were fighting in Europe.  The USA thought that with the UK occupied elsewhere, it would be an ideal time to "liberate" Canada from the British yoke.  However, Canadians were quite happy being British (many were ex-Loyalists from the Revolutionary war, or their children), and  they fought back.  And, defeated the Americans quite soundly, although they did not want US territory, so, they went back to Canada.  Thus, Americans call it a draw (some consider it a victory), while Canadians think they won the war.  Very little actually changed as a result of the war, i.e., no lands were gained/lost.

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    So you wouldn't  know anything about it.

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  • Ludwig
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    Napoleon marched on Moscow with an army of half a million men.  And it got burned down.  He thought it was a good time to do it.

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    It was about Britain fighting Napoleon in Europe uprisings in India and the USA thinking canada was vulnerable while  its concentations were else where , the USA  decided to invade canada and add it to its recentlyn  achieved status independant to Britain , it failed and the British burned the whitehouse down and chased the bedraggled invaders clear down to New Orleans 

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