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Will I ever find love even though I'm covered in stretchmarks?

I'm a woman in my mid twenties and I'm still ssingle.I am worried that a guy will never accept me because of my stretchmarks. I have had stretchmarks everywhere since I was a teenager. I am very prone to stretchmarks. I used to be  overweight and it made my stretchmarks much worse. They're on the front and back of my arms behind my knees and on my calves on the side of my stomach and thighs and breasts etc. I want to get treatments for them but it's so expensive. I'm so insecure that I hide them with makeup and clothes  idk what to do ;(

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    2 months ago

    I think you're being very hard on your self and self-critical. You're concerned about an aspect of yourself which obviously it's bothering you a lot. A lot of dies including myself don't care about stretch marks on a girl it's more their personality and how fit they are. To take control of the situation create a personalized program with meal plan and workout schedules. That is the solution I think to your problem improve yourself you're over focusing on the stretch marks. rA lot guys don't care about stretch marks. You'd be surprised that a lot of guys actually really like stretch marks and are turned on . Personally I find them sexy. I know a lot of other guys do too. Just work on yourself you can create bettor Version of yourself through getting in top condition and staying in top condition.

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