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So the news said a body has been found in the lake where Naya Rivera was missing, is that confirmation thats its Naya Rivera's body?

it never directly said it was hers

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    They have confirmed it’s her. 

    As tragic as it is, least her family can have some closure and have a proper burial. 

    Sounds like what happened was she saved her son’s life by getting him on the boat but didn’t have enough energy to save herself 

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    4 weeks ago

    They probably have to make absolutely sure before they release the information publicly. Otherwise if they made a mistake they’d be in a lot of hot water

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    It could most likely be her body, they will confirm later on. 2020 has been a fcked up year, wow!

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    They do not release any information until they positively ID the body. They also have to contact the family first after they ID the body..Since no other people have been reported missing in that river, they body is most likely that of Naya Rivera. Very sad. However, at least (if the body is that of Naya) the family will finally have some closure and can give her a proper burial. 

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