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How can I convince my parents ?

I’m homeschooled I’ve been homeschooled since I started school but I kinda want to go so public sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t . I’m in middle school and I was thinking that if I don’t go to public school I won’t have a prom, a homecomings and a real graduation I know it’s not that big of a deal but it kinda makes me sad when all my friends will be able to walk and I won’t . I’ve asked my parents if I could go to public school but their answer is always no because of what they are teaching in school these days but its not like I won’t keep being a Christian I might do some stupid things but that only because I’m young and dumb lol and I want a boyfriend but I don’t know any guys so I can’t have a boyfriend and if I was in public school I would know some guys . Please help and sorry if this is long and confusing 

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    Most people aren't getting those anyway, because of the virus

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    if you are in America, with CV19 apparently out of control, now is not the time to be going to public school at your age.  Maybe this will be reasonably safe after the first semester is over [meaning by end of January 2021] -- and maybe not, too.

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