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Are cancers nosey ?

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    Depends on what and why. If you make us feel insecure or something.. Or not number one.. Like someone else may be a threat or something.. We might just ditch them.. Because we need to feel like we are number 1 in the relationship and safe and secure. And treat them the same tho. If they don't hav what you are oooking for I'm not going to waste my time on them.. I mean why would I. Way to immature and game playing for my liking if they make you feel that way. I will definitely have no problem losing someone over that. 

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    3 months ago

    I know I can be.


    Simple. it does not matter, do not fret it. Horoscopes have been around 5000± years with a serious scientific study for the past 100± years.NO connection has been shown that planet alignment has any relation to a person’s life.Add to that, that the planets have shifted a full month out of sync since the tables were first laid down.And, that A person’s location, and exact time of birth are paramount in the casting of a personal chart. Most people do not know this data. Newspaper scopes are based on the Zulu Time of Noon. Which is obviously Wrong for 99.999% of the people who read and believe them.Uni test.

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