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Would PhoneGap Be a Good Builder To Convert A Wordpress site hosted by Bluehost ?

I am trying to integrate a website hosted by Bluehost, into a mobile application with the use of PhoneGap. I am trying to create the app fairly quickly. 


I am trying to develop a mobile application based off a blog I have already created using bluehost, which is a host that gives the ability to create on the wordpress platform. So, I am wanting the mobile application to mimic the website I have.

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    Most recent wordpress themes automatically reformat to appear correct on phones. It's called responsive design and generally the mobile design is different to focus on the smaller screen size. My suggestion is to work on the wordpress application itself to create the desired view on phone.

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    3 weeks ago

    an app and a website are 2 different things. you need to decide what you want and use the appropriate tools.

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