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Is this highlighted part conveying the meaning of paragraph correctly and in positive sense?

The COVID-19 pandemic will end someday, but how much it might affect the world depends on preventive measures we take like wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keeping a safe distance from others, etc.

Let's practice social distancing and lower the risks of getting infected.


In the above paragraph:

a) I'm doubtful about this phrase: how much it might affect the world depends on.

What I want to say is if we wear masks and other things, it will affect the world very much less. And if we don't, it will affect it a lot.

b) I'm also doubtful if the affect word is a correct for this purpose here. Can it be used in positive (less COVID-19 cases) and negative (more COVID-19 cases) sense both?

Given these 2 doubts above, somehow I'm feeling what I've written might mean that wearing masks, social distancing, etc., will affect the world a lot i.e., it create more disease rather than lessening it. (this part: how much it might affect).

So it would be a wrong fact. So is it correct to convey the meaning or can be corrected?

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