Sims 4 won't launch?

My Sims 4 won't launch. My account is over 18, it has all of the computer requirements, I've tried repairing it, updating it, deleting all the files, uninstalling the game then reinstalling it, and it still wont launch on the 64 bit, i can change it to the 32 bit, but then that plays on the Legacy Edition, which you can't access your online profile and the gallery, anyone have this issue that they've been able to fix?

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  • 1 month ago

    Hmm... I had a similar problem recently.

    First off, make sure you're not using any mods, and if you are, move them to a separate folder for now. (Move them back in a few at a time later to determine the problematic file.)

    Another possibility is that it could be poor internet connection. Origin is pretty sensitive, so try connecting to a different wifi or using a mobile hotspot.

    Last resort? Completely unistall Origin then reinstall it.

  • Pyrus
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Oh, hmm... this could be an issues with the numerous updates Windows is getting. You are using Windows 10, right? I too get such errors on my games from time to time. Every game, however, has a unique solution to it. You will need some advanced troubleshooting tools for this. Use "DepLog" (download it) and see every single file that could be a culprit in your system that is not allowing Sims 4 to run. 

    What is the error that you are getting exactly? Is it an unhandled exception? An incorrect entry point maybe? The log can be really long, and it will take a while to read it, but eventually, you should be able to narrow it down to a certain .dll file found in System32 in the Windows folder. At that point, what you can try to do is replace the file by downloading another .dll version from the internet. Also, strangely enough, in some cases, the 32-bit dlls work for games that are running on a 64-bit OS (It still weirds me out til this day, but hey, it does work). 

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