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Traveling from Miami to Kiev. Connection at Paris. Will I be denied through customs in Paris?

I am a US citizen trying to fly to Kiev via air France/delta. My connection flight is in Paris. I am worried that I will be denied at customs because of this virus stuff. I am simply connecting, I will not be leaving the international zone or trying to enter France. 

Can anyone help and possible confirm if I will be able to connect without an issue?

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    You don't go through customs or immigration when you are just transiting to another flight. If the airline says you can transit through Paris, then it's ok. The airline will not let you on the flight if you're just going to be turned back in Paris. Trust me on that. They do not want to be responsible for you having to fly back to the States. Meanwhile, Ukraine is in just as bad shape as the US- without the medical facilities. 

  • MS
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    4 weeks ago

    The EU ban on US travelers does not apply to transit passengers, which is what you would be considered.  You will not leave the transit area, so you will not need to go through Immigration or Customs.

    See page 10:

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    4 weeks ago

    As much as I like to know what I am talking about (and not just say "Google it") when I answer; here, I DON'T know what I'm talking about... but will try to help. 

    "No one" is travelling right now, so few may know and only a very few of those who DO know may be on Yahoo Answers. I would direct the question to your airline (like you can reach their 800 number) and BE SURE they understand you are CONNECTING and not entering Paris, "staying in the airport-side of Paris" l have seen in print. If you bought thru a travel agent, put the burden on HIM. Let HIM get that answer in WRITING to you. 

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