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How good are the New York Yankees historically?

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    Historically?   You're joking , right? 

    They are the most storied and  successful franchise in Baseball History. 

    Some of the biggest names in the sport have worn the Yankee Pinstripes. 

    Sure , a lot of it had to do with rich owners that could splash out on the BEST players........ but hell,   even Babe Ruth use to strike out every now and then. 

    Expensive , best players or not.....ya still need to win ballgames,  and they certainly  LOST their share,   even with the so-called  "Best players"......so  9 prima donna's prancing around,   doesn't always mean  a good  TEAM. 

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    They're one of the top franchises over the years.

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    The Wankers are an iconic franchise but the bulk of their success is ancient history.

    They won 26 of the 37 World Series that they appeared in through the 2000 season and both marks are, by far, the best in major league history.

    The teams' success was based upon the fact that New York was the center of the baseball universe until the 1950s, and the franchise had an owner who would shell out millions to buy the bet available talent starting in the mid-1970s. 

    The team was successful because it had the resources it needed to be successful.

    But the team has fallen on hard times since 2001. The Wankers have appeared in just 3 WS in the last 19 years, winning 1, and have been surpassed by Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco as the most successful franchises of the 21st Century.

    The Wankers, meanwhile, are a club loaded with overpaid douches who are more interested in collecting a paycheck than winning a championship. This is exactly the sort of team that its fans deserve.

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    Historically, the most successful franchise in the history of the sport.

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    The best there ever was

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