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Why is there no vaccine for coronavirus ?

What's the delay? 

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    There's actually multiple vaccines for coronavirus that have been recently completed that technically work in a lab.    They are currently working on mass production of the vaccines and testing them in humans to make sure the vaccine itself isn't harmful and is effective in most people.   When you artificially develop chemicals to inject into millions of people you have to be really careful you don't cause more problems than you are trying to solve.  This is why they will take the time to make sure the current vaccines are safe.  You don't see them talking about it too much because they don't want to get people too excited over something that may end up not working out.  

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    They are just coming

  • Rick
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    4 weeks ago

    It's mutating and they want to try to make a vaccine for all the mutations that have happened so far.

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    This topic is actually discussed often during CNN's town hall meetings as well as being part of the ongoing news coverage by all reputable (not Fox) news outlets, hide-behind anonymous.  

    Coronavirus, a.k.a., COVID-19, keeps mutating as it spreads and each mutation has new deadly symptoms that the White House has refused to acknowledge, much less track. One virologist from Johns Hopkins told CNN he believes COVID-19 becomes a blood disease that attacks the brain and body organs, causing blood clots and heart attacks in men as young as 30 with no history of heart disease. In order to speed the development of a vaccine, there has to be tracking data for existing cases as well as an accurate reporting of new cases, both of which tantrum-throwing truth-suppressing Donald Trump refuses to fund or allow.  What is brat-boy Trump so afraid of that he would continue to engage in what one D.C. attorney has called "CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT GENOCIDE"?  

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Coronavirus is a hoax created by the radical left to make Trump look bad. Little do they know he's going to win in a landslide.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It normally takes several years to develop a vaccine.  Sometimes longer - there's still no vaccine for the common cold or for HIV, for example.

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    corona virus... that danm bastard... took out my family in one swipe. 

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    It will be here soon.

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    The easiest way might be to built a time machine to go buy some in the future.   And we have to wait for flux capacitor parts to arrive from China.

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    1 month ago

    It has to be tested with thousands of people to be sure that it works and has minimal side effects.

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