What should I do?

My best friend was angry at me not too long ago about what her partner did, but not only was she angry about that, she threw in my face how I haven't been there for her. Shes felt like I haven't been listening to her problems. She said I should have noticed she was sad but I didnt see much her due to lockdown. When I did see her she seemed fine! Stressed out maybe but she didnt seem sad. I told her I wouldn't have noticed anything as I didnt see her for about 2 months but she said it doesn't take a genius.... well I'm also not a mind reader either. 

She then went on to say we have nothing in common anymore and that I've failed as a friend. 

For the amount of time shes said shes been struggling with stuff, I've been going through my own hell! My ex was making things for me very bad and It was almost impossible to deal with, for over a year. She knew how bad it was for me but she said since it's all calmed down now (and its only been calm for about a month), it should have been her turn. She thinks I'm fine now because I'm on antidepressants and I have no excuse anymore. Yeah I am better than i was, which has only been for the last few weeks, but no where near 100%. But I've still also listened to her and what shes feeling with her stuff, I've still been there for her. I've tried the best I possibly can but I still have my demons I'm dealing with in myself. She threw everything I have been through back in my face and made me feel bad about it. What do I do about this? 


Also she said she hasn't confided in me fully for a while so how was I to know she was as sad as she says she is?

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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. It sounds like you were a good friend to her, but for some reason she's very angry at you. I would just try to work it out and maybe see a counselor or ask if you and your friend could both see one to work out your issues but if not, then I would just move on. 

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