Best places to live in Texas on the basis of the followings Less Natural Disasters Low Crime Rate IT Jobs Low Tax rate & Cost of living?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    I'd look at both San Antonio and Austin.  Austin will have the higher cost of living, but is in my opinion the best place in Texas to live.  Because U of Texas is in Austin there are a lot of high tech jobs in the area.

    San Antonio isn't far from Austin and also has a fair number of high tech companies. 

    Both places are inland from the gulf (hurricanes) yet far enough south that tornadoes, while possible would be rare.  Any hurricane blowing in off the gulf would have lost the majority of its punch going over land prior to reaching Austin, doesn't mean you wouldn't get a lot of rain though.  Just don't live in a low area that would be subject to flooding, live up on a hill.  

    You can be a victim of crime anywhere and not be a victim of crime in a high crime area, if that makes sense.  You just need to aware of your surroundings and don't set yourself up to be a victim.  

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