Extender disrupting wifi?

I have a netgear wifi extender which I’d been using for about a month and a half before it stopped working yesterday. I also have rcn with the arris cmb8200 modem. I have a two story house with the extender being upstairs and the modem downstairs, it was literally fine with decent speed, now all of a sudden whenever I try to move the extender back to the spot where it was working before nothing can connect to it. I can’t even access mywifiext.com or .net, or the ip address of my extender. I’m not sure what else to try, the ssid and dchp are not the same either.


I should add that the rcn wifi works fine until I try to extend it.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    I researched the arris cmb8200.  The Arris device is "just a modem", it can only be used to connect one device at a time.  Your modem just has an Ethernet port, no WiFi.  Wi-FI extenders typically connect to a Wi-Fi capable router via Wi-Fi.  You appear to be missing the router?

    Here's the other thing about cable modems, you can't just willy nilly change the device connected to the Ethernet port. The cable company head end systems make an association between the MAC address (physical address hardwired into the device) of your "device" and the IP address they assign that device. In order to change the device connected directly to the modem you need to turn everything off (modem included) and wait about 5-10 minutes for the cable company system to age out that MAC address/IP address association. Then power up the modem, wait another 5ish minutes for the modem to stabilize then power it the new hardware device connected to the modem.   The cable company systems provide one IP address to the device directly connected to the modem.  If you want to have more than one device connected to the Internet the device connected to the modem needs to be a router.Modem is just used to convert the analog signal from the cable company to digital "Ethernet".  Modem has no smarts, it's a dumb device.  Router is a smart device, that supports Ethernet in (from the modem) and allows you to connect multiple devices to the network, routers provide services like DHCP, NAT, Wi-Fi and other things the modem can't.  The extender just amplifies the Wi-Fi signal it gets from the router, it is only slightly smarter than the modem.If you don't have a router yet you should consider getting any of the "mesh" capable systems on the market and return the extender. Network should be --- [cmb8200]----[some router you haven't mentioned running Wi-Fi]---[Wi-Fi extender].Since you seem to be networking challenged I'd suggest you consider a mesh system.  https://amplifi.com, https://bit.ly/2CuRqX6 (shortened url to Netgear mesh system), Googles Nest WiFi mesh router....  With a mesh system you have one SSID, the extenders auto-magically find the controlling router, it all works seamlessly.Personally I own the Amplifi system.  Looks cool, works great.

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    3 weeks ago

    use a wifi app to see which channels are in use in your area, and if your extender uses the same channel, change it to something at least 2 channels away.

    wifi takes up airwave space when there is a ton of it. because it's invisible, people don't think of that.

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