What are the selling points to moving my family to Omaha, Nebraska?

My husband just got a job offer to move within the company he works for to Omaha, Nebraska. I have lived in Greenville, SC most of my life. My husband is from Tampa FL. I'm looking for some good reasons why we should or should not take this offer. Schools are not a selling point for us because we homeschool. Can some of you help me?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Omaha is a nice city with a lot to see and do and a relatively low cost of living. The people are friendly. It's also only a couple of hours to Kearney to see the sandhill crane migration which is one of really spectacular natural phenomena in the world.

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    It appears you are educated by all those extra letters after your name.

    Omaha DOES NOT have salt water beaches.

    It does have an Oracle.

    It does not have hurricanes but makes up for it with blizzards and tornadoes.

    Travel time to Places West of the Mississippi is much shorter.

    Suggest you VISIT for at least a day or two to check it out. THE ENTIRE FAMILY need not go.Unless your children make the decisions for your family.

    Did you expect to play tourist everyday? The grocery stores stock the same items.

    FRESH Seafood is not as fresh. HINT it is out of water longer.

    May want to use something like this website to help find a place to call home.

    Omaha has some public transportation and does not have many bike lanes.


    Suggest your husband move first with a few suitcases worth of stuff to get started.

    He can search for the place to call home for the rest of you.

    There is no law that requires you to move everything all in one go.

    IF company helps with moving costs good for you.

    Budget $5-10,000 in moving costs for all the little details Getting new identification, car registration , insurance, bank accounts etc.

    Your STUFF might not fit in the new place be prepared to dispose of the bulky furniture and replace with things you get in Omaha it can save you money.

    In most situations you get more house size and lot size in comparison to SC.

    ONLY YOU can decide how much lawn the kids get to cut.

    It is much drier and can get very hot in summer and COLD in Winter. You survive winter wearing winter clothes and turning the heat on.

    WINTER driving is not something you learn in a few minutes.

    Gosh by the way in winter you are not out in the cold 24 hours a day.

    Maybe you learn a new winter sport with the children.


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    Summer weather has its storms too just like in Tampa and Greenville. Best to just stay inside until they pass.

    Did you think there was no surfing in summer?


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    You make it sound like a life sentence and you will never ever be able to move to some other place if you do not like it.

    When it turns to crap Corn Huskers go play football.


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  • drip
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    3 weeks ago

    Cost of living. What do homes go for there? Or look at apartments rent.  

    They have a highly rated and one of the largest zoo there. With an aquarium There is plenty to do there with the kids and as a family. I know when I homeschooled I took my kids out to explore at many different places around me.


    Personally I don’t mind the cold and love the fall season.  But it will be a change for you

  • 3 weeks ago

    I don't know what you consider a selling point.  If this a good opportunity for your husband then just do it.  Variety is the spice of life you don't have to live there forever if you don't like it.  Give it time (12 months) for you to settle in and keep an open mind.

    Warren Buffett lives there, so it can't be that bad.

    Generally speaking mid-western people are the nicest and most welcoming of Americans.  They are almost like Canadians.  

    The NCAA Mens' Baseball World Series is played there every year, if there is no COVID.

    Located in the heart of American agriculture, there will be no shortage of fresh meats and vegetables.

    Strategic Air Command is near Omaha, if America ever gets into a nuclear war with a rational foe who wants to win, you will have the comfort of knowing you will be among the first to be nuked.  A foe like Kim Jong-un will go for a high profile target of little military value - like Los Angeles or San Francisco.  Russia would hit SAC and Colorado Springs first.  

    Four seasons, including a very cold winter.

    It's located in tornado alley. 

    It's probably very conservative and Christian.  

    Cost of living is going to be reasonable.

    No hurricanes.

    Overall much lower humidity than NC.

    It's going to be flat, very very flat.  

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    My Moms parents lived there, it GET COLD !!!!  that's why I live in Arizona ..............

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