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Should I switch my appearance to the exact opposite?

I’m very pale skin, dark brown hair, & blue eyes. I feel like in order to be pretty I need to dye my hair blonde, get brown contact lenses and spray tan myself.

Even if I don’t change my eyecolor or hair color, I really feel like I need to turn my skin orange because you never see any pale skin models unless they’re Asian. Anytime you see a Caucasian lingerie model she’s always super tan and so I just feel like my body is disgusting.

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    You are beautiful as you are you are not disgusting, so just accentuate them - with beautiful blue eyes and pale skin you can bring out that contrast, pick some colours that suit you, don’t be too strong and bold (only on some occasions when you really want to glam up!), but make it seem glowy and naturally beautiful. Don’t be too drastic and make yourself someone else - the modelling industry represents very narrow beauty standards. You don’t have to emulate them, because you are who are you! Even people like myself would envy your look. 

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    You are insecure and have a poor self image, whether its warranted or not. Changing your outside appearance won't fix things, its how you feel inside about yourself that needs fixing.  Its not whether your eyes are brown or blue, its how you take care of your looks, emphasizing the good points and de-emphasizing the not so good ones, which we all have.  Orange skin sounds repulsive, if not damaging to  your skin, as well.  Look inside and ask yourself if you really like yourself., and if not, get yourself to a therapist and go to work on building your self esteem, that's really what's needed.Good wishes,

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    No. You would not be yourself. Take what God gave you and work with it. Fake tans fade, or even run. That would be embarrassing.You want to turn your skin ORANGE, like TRUMP? NOOOOO. Buy a face makeup one shade darker than your skin. Wear a little eye makeup to bring your features out. You are NOT disgusting, I bet you are really downplaying your looks. You could go to a salon and have your hair lightened or have highlights put in, without drastically changing your appearance. Please don't switch to something you are not. It rarely works out in the long run.

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