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Should I go to my best friend's boyfriend's funeral?

I have an underlying condition (no spleen and low immune system) and have been avoiding public transport. When going out, I have been staying 2m away from people. My friend knows about my condition, but asked if I would come, but she'd understand if I can't. 

The funeral is very far away and would need to get a lift there by my friend and her husband. It will take over an hour in the car. Should I risk it? I'm nit sure how many people will be there. She needs the support as she lost her partner in a terrible way, but obviously, we have the coronavirus to think about too.

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    If I were you I would go and sit in the car during the funeral or try to wait in a more isolated place 

  • If you're able to go, it would be a nice thing to do.  Maintain 2m social distancing and wear a mask.  Attend the service and go home (you don't need to attend the wake).

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    The coronavirus takes precedence for you. You can support her through this in other manners than attending the funeral. You know your situation far better than anyone else. My job is over an hour away so making a drive like that is a casual reality for me but unless your other friend and her husband are quarantined/masked up and socially distancing... being in their car for an hour might not be such a good idea for you. Whatever your choices are, please be careful. 

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    Definitely, you must not go . Occurrence of new virus cases and deaths are on a daily rise, including today. You are especially vulnerable. Send your condolences , even flowers, if you want to, but don't endanger yourself, PLEASE.

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    Send her a very nice card and a hand written note...Tell her that you wished to be there for her, but due to your bad conditions you doctor has ordered you to stay home.

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    i hate funerals, only going to my own

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