How bad will my spider veins get on my legs?

I'm 23 and the past couple years ive been noticing thread/spider veins on my legs, first noticing them on my thighs, i've noticed that more are appearing all over my legs, i only started noticing them when i was going through a depressive episode and in result living a sendentary life style (laying in bed all day everyday), these days i'm trying to be more active as I don't want them getting worse?

I've read recently that spider veins will just get worse as you age so there's no real way to prevent them once you have them? 

They make me really upset and self conscious as a couple years ago I had really nice looking legs but now I can't bare to look at them?

How bad will they get and how quickly will they develop? (I'm a normal weight and believe I'm quite healthy)

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