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Can I trust the good FICO score I have is real? ?

I've been someone who's had a bad credit history for a number of years. I also know checking credit reports and in recent years; FICO scores is end-all; be all thing with credit card businesses; banks and all financial institutions as well as employers. If you're irresponsible with money; every place knows it. Earlier this year I saw my score was 650; now it's 774. While I'm not looking to immediately go out and apply for car and home loans; I just wonder if I can really feel good about my credit; or is what I'm looking at a mirage; if I actually did apply for a loan; I'll get denied. Leaving me to say "ah hah! I knew that fake score was B.S.!"  I tend to think there's a certain number where you're likely never to get turned down for anything; credit; loans.  800? Or can people with excellent high scores still get turned down? 

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    Where ever you got your score, it's not your FICO score.

    FICO scores are not given out to anyone except a member of the company FICO.  You aren't.  The place where you are getting your credit score might be but they aren't giving it to you.

    The score you see is that company's evaluation of your credit score.

    There are difference analysis for credit cards, homes, cars, etc. 

    The score analysis changes all the time.

    Are you even looking at a tool that has the FICO scoring model where 850 is the top? or is the score you are reviewing based on another number?

    Getting a loan is never based solely on your credit score.  The credit score dictates the interest on the loan.  Income/employment are the main components of loan determination. 

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    Where are you obtaining your FICO score? 

    If you want to know if the score is real, consider the source.

    "I tend to think there's a certain number where you're likely never to get turned down for anything"     Not true at all.   Credit score is only one criteria.   It's possible to have excellent credit but not enough income for a mortgage, etc. 

  • Scott
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    1 month ago

    I'd say you're in pretty good shape, credit-wise. Depending on what source (there are several) a lender uses to check your score, they may vary by a few points, but it shouldn't be a huge difference.

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