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Does it sound like he doesn't care about us?

I got pregnant by a guy I met online and we now have a one year old son. He never met his son before and just seen pictures of him. We haven't talked since November but recently I text him and we are now talking on and off again.  He talked about me and my son maybe coming up to visit him (he lives in a different state) this summer to he can meet his son. We haven't talked in 3 days and I've been leaving him alone because I want him to make the first move and text me first so I know he cares about us. My son recently had a procedure done and his dad sounded kind of mad that I didn't tell him about it until the day his procedure was. He told me he wants to be notified for those kinds of things. I obviously have full custody of our son and his dad is paying child support. He also asked if I could put his name on our sons birth certificate since I didn't put his name on the birth certificate when he was first born..

Does it sound like he doesn't really care about us?

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    Legally speaking, if he's paying child support he gets access to the child whether you feel he cares or not. So you can't approach this like it's a flirtation and you still hold all the cards. This isn't an all or nothing situation where if he wants access to his kid he needs to make you feel loved. He may someday marry someone else and "care" more about her than he does about you. But you'll still have to let him see your son whether he's your romantic partner or not. The ability to be coy evaporated the day you decided to keep his baby. 

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    your a scam. whether or not you have kid.

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    It sounds like he needs a wake up call...  Why would YOU rush out the door to go see him?  He can spend his own money and come see you and the child. And he was an absent parent who obviously didn't care that much..... so why does he think he has the right to tell you what to do when it comes to the child?  Seems to me he wasn't interested before the child's procedure, so why is he suddenly interested?  If he's SO INTERESTED then he can contact you every week or so to ask how things are going?  You're not his secretary and you have no obligation to tell the guy what's going on every second.  he's selfish AF.  

    And there's no way i'd alter the kid's birth certificate at all.  

    It sounds like he has something up his sleeve.  Maybe it's time for you to stop being so willing to give information and to go to his place or to contact him first.  Let him lift a finger and grow a pair of balls... he doesn't seem to have any right now  

    Don't be so willing to please this jerk

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    He gives me the creeps, could he be thinking to steal him from you? I had two sons once, there were both Kidnaped and never got back! 

    How about praying to GOD for help here? 

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    He doesn't CARE ABOUT YOU. And you are an IDIOT. There is a valid reason WHY he isn't with are completely SELF-OBSESSED.

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