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Should I Change my Dogs Name?

Please no judgment, just legit answers.

For a Majority of my Dogs life I was in a bad spot and frequently used his name with punishment. If he did something bad I made the mistake of just yelling his name then punishment.

He is now 2 and has alot of behavioral issues that is my fault. 

I am retraining him from the ground up as I've done alot of retraining to myself. Would it be beneficial to Change his Name completely? Or should I try to reassosiate his name with something positive?

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    Dogs don't actually form an attachment to a name or know it's their name. Their name becomes just like any other command.

  • Amber
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    4 weeks ago

    You could either change his name completely or try some positive association with his name. Get him to see it differently. There really is no need to change his name as you can stop an animal or human feeling fear of something if you work on them enough. (unless what's happened has been so traumatizing you can't override it).

    My dog's name was "Honey" when we got her. Stupid because she obviously never was her old owners "Honey". She would flinch when you called her name, or tense up or run and hide. With positive association, a different tone, time and patience she stopped doing these things. No need to change her name. Although once she gained her feet her mischievous side came out. She liked raiding bins so my Dad used to say "the bin monster has struck again. Which got her the nickname of "Binny". Even long after her bin raiding days were over the name stuck. 

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    It was not his name that was the problem, it was your yelling.  When you change your tune, tone & body language, the dog won't associate what has bad.  Yelling hasn't gotten you any where & glad to know you are doing your research & learning what you need to know to train your dog.  You have to keep in mind you are working with another species & it has it's own behavior patterns.

    You can google Basic Obedience & teach him the 7 basic commands.  It is wonderful to have an obedient dog, not jerking or pulling on walks, obey commands, the bond you will form by this training is beyond belief.

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    Wow...I must say, very awesome of you to notice your mistakes, learn, and get past them. Great job! Dog ownership can be very hard, I know. Been there, STILL there sometimes, done/doing that!

    Change his name. Like E.H. said, keep it short and sweet and use positive reinforcement to get him used to it. You can try clicker training, too. So, " [NEW NAME!]" *click* treat. On repeat. For a good 2-3 minutes. Then stop. Do this multiple times per day. I don't know if you've ever done clicker training, but it would be a good, NEW way to get positive training down, and if it's new to your dog, all the better. You can also enlist the help of a friend to give some treats to, you have treats, then call him back and forth, click, treat, back and forth, click, treat. 

    I had to recently start from the ground up myself, and so far, so good. Adolescence completely erased everything, LOL, it happens. In two days, we have refreshed SIT, STAY, COME, and DOWN, and he's got it with the clicker in hand. You can do it. Consistency and positivity. Good luck :) 

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  • Maxi
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    4 weeks ago

    If that is the case, then yes........ a name is just a command word and the strongest command you have, so if you have made that command 'hot' then like any other command word you use a different one.

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    If what you say is TRUE, and provided you can make the change to training (in a positive manner) - I would change the dog's name to something ENTIRELY different.  I think it best NOT to use a name associated with BAD things or PUNISHMENT.  Dogs can adapt to nicknames or new names - happens all the time, when dogs are adopted; sometimes NOBODY KNOWS their original name.

    Pick a short easy name.... you LIKE, perhaps one that makes you SMILE => when you say it. That makes things start off in a very POSITIVE manner.

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