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What do you call a guy that’s seriously lusting after his friend, but won’t wait for marriage to have sex like she is so won’t date her?

She’s the most beautiful girl he knows and when he found out she ordered a dress in his favorite color for their date that isn’t going to happen due to their opposing views on sex. He still would’ve liked to go just to see her in the dress. But, then got sad bc he said “it would just be a tease”


They’re both at an age where they actually could get married

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    4 weeks ago

    It means he is very self center and cares for no one but himself!  She is in great Risk of being attacked!

    Either he dose not Love her or cannot Love anyone!  Atheists  are this way!  Without GOD, Atheists cannot feel anymore the each of their own LUST for only each of their own wants!  They just want to Take all they can for just themselves! 

    As of last year over Sixty Million Girls and Ladies had been Raped, just in the USA! Even more have been Attempted Raped, yet got away! 

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