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When you realize you’re not meant to be a leader?

Growing up my family would always tell me I need to be the leader.  When I got older it became abundantly clear that no matter how hard I try I just felt like everything I did went sideways, when it comes to leading.  I have a hard time delegating or some people might say being assertive.  I try my best to do so, but then there will be a lot of times where I will pick things up and do it myself.  I always figured that leading by example would be a good way to inspire.  Yet at work a lot of folks will just expect that I would keep helping them out.  Where as I see my fellow co workers when they lead they just give pass the work and delegate and ask others to do it for them (including myself). My crazy behind I will help out as much as I can, but if I feel like I can’t handle it I will say I can’t (which is rare, because I’m always trying to be a team player).  I just feel like I’m a horrible leader and not respected, while my coworker on the other hand is respected and liked.  I don’t know if anyone has the same experience and how to be a liked and respected leader (aka a better leader)?

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    People love to lie and from what you wrote that is what happened. You're probably not a good leader and they saying you were they are liars just to watch you try and know you believed a lie they are loving it laughing behind your back.

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