Are people still buying paintings and art prints during the pandemic? On eBay? Etsy?

If not, what "art stuff" is really selling now? What art stuff can you make yourself that will sell? 

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    3 weeks ago
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    Those who are in secure financial positions have the same amount for spending but may be denying themselves small luxuries because they see those who are in financial trouble struggling.

    People don't buy paintings without seeing it in person, generally. But they do buy prints and "lesser" art online. I've bought art prints, photographs, and original pen-and-ink art online both for myself and as gifts.

    One art type that's picked up is book cover art, if you have an eye for genre-based design as well as lettering. Writers are working at home, same as usual, some less productive, some more.

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    3 weeks ago

    Millions have lost their jobs. Noone is buying luxury goods like artwork, they're just trying to make it through

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